Friday, July 1, 2011

Manuscript Critique Contest!!

Some GREAT things have been happening lately (which I can’t share just yet; mean, I know) and to celebrate I’m offering a free critique of your YA manuscript (full or partial)! YAY, right?

To enter all you have to do is:

1.       Become a follower of this blog.

2.       Follow YA Stands on Twitter (@YAStands)

3.       Post your name, title and YA genre of work, and your email (so I can contact you if you win) in the comments below.

Contest ends 11:59pm (Pacific Time) Monday, July 4th. I will randomly select a winner Tuesday, July 5th. Good Luck!!


  1. Great contest!

    Already am follower here and on Twitter.
    Here's my info:
    Sarah Tolly
    YA Contemp., Title: Chopsticks

  2. Can't wait to hear your news! I'd love to enter your contest.
    Name: Samantha R.
    Title: Lampshade Red
    YA Genre: Dystopian
    Contact info:

  3. Recently finished my manuscript: FRAGILE ONE. Would love to have it critiqued!
    My friend sent me to your blog. My name is Shandra Philos, YA genre is paranormal. My email is

    Thanks!! So excited!

  4. Great idea!
    Name: Jodine Turner
    Title: Carry on the Flame: Destiny's Call
    YA Genre: urban fantasy, magical realism, paranormal romance

  5. Nice!
    My name is Kelsie.
    Title of YA thriller: Peeled

    Thank you for doing this, Nicole!

  6. Even though I'm not entering your contest, it's a fabulous idea! And I absolutely LOVE your penguin header. Penguins rock!

  7. Thanks Rachel! And you're right--penguins do rock!

  8. Oh, shoot! I'm too late. Better odds for everyone else, then :)

  9. Thanks everyone for participating in our little contest!

    And now...

    what you're waiting for...

    THE WINNER IS.....


    Be sure to check your email, Kelsie. I've sent you some information. I look forward to reading your YA thriller!