Monday, September 19, 2011

It Takes Two Writers To Make A Thing Go Right

Most writers conquer the page in a solitary fashion, alone in a sea of stories and perhaps a few good friends to share them with. Others go the dynamic duo route, wherein two writers collaborate for the good of one extraordinary literary experience. Trisha Leaver and Lindsay Currie are such a duo.

Through days and nights spent slaving over the page with help from pots of coffee and bottles of Pinot Noir, the two gave birth to SILO (originally titled Fatum), a young adult dystopian story from a male point that caught the attention of much sought-after literary agent, Ginger Clark from Curtis Brown.

She was not the first agent to offer the duo representation for the book, which received a total of six offers of representation.
“After about 30 queries and four weeks of waiting, we received our first offer of representation… in the middle of the night,” says Trisha. “The agent had just finished reading SILO and loved it. We were thrilled!”

After Lindsay and Trisha received the offer, they began notifying the other agents who were holding fulls and partials of the manuscript, as well as a few first-choice agents who had yet to respond to their query. Upon notifying Ginger, she requested the full, read it within a couple of days and offered representation.

With this in mind, one might wonder if Trisha and Lindsay have the perfect formula for creating such a sought-after story and whether it is better to do so as a team than go it alone. It appears so, as both have similar writing and editing styles, and an ability to zip through writing and revisions within a matter of weeks (SILO took a mere six weeks to write and revise between the two). But what about the two as individual writers, and when did the passion to pen stories come into play?

Trisha began writing in 7th grade after complaining her way through a 2,000 word essay she was made to write by her Catholic School teacher. To her surprise, the essay was later published in the school’s newspaper. For Lindsay, it was tackling those “choose your own ending” books when she was little, and feeling good about it and the writing process. Both experiences left the girls hooked on words.

Today, however, writing must fit into both Lindsay and Trisha’s busy lives. Somehow, they make it work.

“Writing encompasses as much of my mind as it possibly can, often squeezing out my to-do list and free time. Is it my life… yes, but I do have kids, a husband and a rather irreverent dog that I also need to take care of from time to time,” says Trisha.
“Well, both Trisha and I are mothers of three, so we write when we aren’t carpooling, chaperoning, or running committees at school. We write a lot after the kids go to bed and end up with a lot of late night instant messaging and Skyping,” notes Lindsay.

Where are the dynamic duo headed next? Too superstitious to utter the name of their most-wanted story, Trisha and Lindsay assure us that when the time comes, we shall know what happens. Until then, you can find updates on blogs for both Trisha and Lindsay. Cheers!


  1. Great interview! You guys have the best agent! (I may be biased, lol)

    I'm crossing my fingers for SILO :)

  2. Great interview! You guys are awesome!

  3. They do sound like a dynamic duo. I wish the best for SILO.

  4. They sound completely awesome - and perfectly in synch.

    I have crit partners who understand me (and I love what they do too). We don't write together, but knowing someone is waiting for more chapters is a great incentive to push on even when I'm tired.

    It's like creating a deadline where none exists, so that I can get the thing done.

    I can imagine working with someone who understands my headspace would be like this - egging each other on because it's for another person not just me.