Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The ABCs

Not the alphabet. The Anti-Bullying Committee.

You might not have heard of this committee yet, but I have a feeling you will. Possibly sometime pretty soon.

The Anti-Bullying Committee was started at Winthrop High School in Winthrop, MA by someone I'm very, very proud of--my daughter Amy. Once the idea was born, her friends Zack, Kaycee, and Makenna got involved. They believe that everyone has the right to attend a safe, respectful school, no matter what. And they've started a pledge which states exactly that.

A pledge that, last time I was allowed to count, had over a hundred signatures, in a school of about 500 students and 50 or so staff members. The signatures include those of the principal and vice principal.

Thanks to the persistence of Amy and her friends, the ABC was granted official permission to exist as a student organization at their school. They're still getting off the ground, but they have big plans for the group.

Like I said, I'm incredibly proud of these kids for seeing a need at their school and working to fill it. I can't wait to see what they have planned in the future, and I know it will be great. I'll keep YA Standers posted on this; let's give these kids some support.

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