Thursday, November 24, 2011

Grateful for Good Guys and Great Stories

As I advance in years, I find the holidays make me nostalgic. 

Favorite books are like fond memories. One of the stories I treasured most growing up was Anne of Green Gables. After I read L. M. Montgomery’s novel, I was convinced I’d been born in the wrong era. I should be attending picnics and riding in horse drawn carriages in a place like Prince Edward Island. (Montgomery’s book was an influential factor in moving to the San Juan Islands in Washington.)

Green Gables introduced me to a simpler time when neighbors helped neighbors (OK and gossiped about them – trust me, it happens on islands and small communities). It also introduced me to Gilbert Blythe.  

I have never loved a fictional hero more than Gil. He comes closest to embodying what I value in my real life heartthrob: humor, dependability, honesty, brains and the guts to put a gal back in her place whenever her temper flares a shade too red.

In a tribute to great stories, I must give thanks for an even more important element of any great love story: The Heroine. Anne Shirley is feisty, stubborn, smart, imaginative, hardworking and compassionate – so long as you don’t make a crack about her red hair or disagree with her on anything!

I’m especially grateful that Montgomery didn’t pull a Louisa May Alcott (Little Women) – sticking Jo March with the older brooding big city man rather than her bosom friend.

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