Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Body Language, Part Two: Females

This holiday season, as you’re gathering with family, friends, and co-workers, I challenge you to STARE. Just kidding, I actually challenge you to stare and do it surreptitiously.

Yesterday, I discussed what body language to look for in males (click here for link), so today let’s look at some female mannerisms.


Females naturally stand slightly closer to one another, face each other more, and touch more often than males do with other males. They are more likely to mirror the stance of another—female or male. (Like I said yesterday, a male will only mirror a female when he’s attracted to her.) Females also stand with their hands on their hips—or one hand and gesture with the other—with a pelvic tilt to draw attention to themselves. 


Girls are much more likely to touch another girl than a guy is to touch another guy. This includes hugging, or touching on the hand, arm, shoulder, etc. Females also smile far more than males in both social and business settings.


 Females, too, tend to protect their bodies when in a stressful situation. Protective gestures may be: (1) folding one arm across the body to hold or touch the other arm (as if she is hugging herself), (2) using handbags or purses to cross her arms in front of her body, or (3) crossing her legs with the foot of the top leg wrapped around behind the other so her legs are entwined.


When a female is attracted to a male, she may (1) laugh at his jokes or witty comments, (2) keep her arms more open when she is around a male she finds attractive (as opposed to cross her arms over her chest when around hostile or unappealing males), (3) place one hand on top of the other and rest her face upon it, presenting her face (typically when seated at a table). This attracts the male’s attention and allows for him to admire it, (4) toss her hair back over the shoulders or away from her face, (5) glance sideways over her raised shoulder, (6) stroke her thigh, neck or throat, or (7) wet her lips, keeping them slightly open.

 The wrists are also used to show vulnerability. Exposed wrists are a sign of susceptibility whereas a limp wrist is a signal of submission, both naturally arouse a male’s protective instincts.

Some females roll their hips when they walk, or stand with a pelvic tilt. This emphasizes the waist to hip ratio. Studies show that males are most attracted to a waist that is seventy percent of the hip size.

And there you have it, a few general behaviors that you can use for females in your writing. Any others? Post them in the comments below.


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