Thursday, December 8, 2011

Move Over Mr. Moody Broody

(In other words: I love Spike!)

I don’t go for moody, brooding vampires in paranormals or soft-spoken gentlemen in historicals.

Give me a wise-cracking, quick-witted scoundrel any day so long as he treats the heroine like a goddess.

That said, bad boys have to be done right (ie: they can’t be complete jerks or the deal’s off!)

So, how to pull off the bad boy with the big heart? Here are some tried and true traits that work well:

-Hidden sensitivities and vulnerabilities, often tormented by a past experience

-Humor, sarcasm and/or charisma (sometimes as a defense mechanism)

-Dependability – who doesn’t love a guy they can count on?

-Aiding the heroine unexpectedly (while shrugging it off – “No big.”)

-Caring for the heroine even if he can’t tell her

Starting to sound like a nice guy? Ultimately literature’s best bad boys are.

How do you like your heroes? Sweet hearts? Bad boys? Dark and mysterious?


  1. I definitely prefer Spike to sparkling brooders.. Great explanation of how to write bad boys!

  2. Bad boys who aren't completely bad, which is closer to reality anyway, right?

    BTW, I'm going to borrow the Spike graphic for a blog post, okay?

  3. Loved Spike! ok I was also quite taken by Angel (but it might have been David Boreanaz :-))

    I fall for the bad boys in books but they need to have everything you mentioned :-)

  4. I actually liked Angel, too. I just didn't love him like I LOVE Spike. At least Angel had a sense of humor unlike other vampires I won't name.

    Lexus - the more that Spike graphic gets used the better! I'll keep my eye out for your post.

    Anything that has to do with Spike has my attention.

    In fact, I think I'll add him to my google alerts right now...