Monday, January 9, 2012

Readers Look “Up” To Author L.M. Stull

Life experiences are everything – no matter what age you are. Many young adult readers are looking “up” to stories by authors who can relate to them on a personal, experienced level - authors like L.M. Stull, whose story A Thirty-Something Girl hits at the hearts of readers in all age groups.
“I think there are a lot of adult books that would be fantastic choices for teens to read. Some feel that younger audiences should be sheltered from the often sad (and even harsh) realities of life. And, while I understand this to a degree, I find that it is experiences (both good and bad) that teach us in life,” says Stull, who believes that adults have a responsibility to share some of the wisdom they have to help shape the great minds of tomorrow.
As an impressionable elementary school girl, Stull experienced her own mind shaping when she sat in her playroom after finishing reading a book, wondering if she could make up a story. She spent several years scribbling and writing a little, but as a teenager Stull tuned into her emotional side and began writing poetry. She admits to being such an emotional mess as a teenager that writing poetry helped her deal with it all.
“Life then got in the way and I didn’t re-explore my creative side until my later 20s, when I penned my first longer short story. After that, I was hooked. I sat down and penned my first novel and never looked back.”
Stull’s first loves are literary and paranormal romance, but because her writing heavily revolves around the internal struggles we have, A Thirty-Something Girl is more of a coming of age story, but for adults.
“The story for A Thirty-Something Girl had been bobbling around in my head, so I abandoned everything I was working on and wrote it in a little under three months. When I wrote the last line, I knew that changing genres was one of the best things I’d ever done,” says Stull, who wants to write books that center around real life, real emotions and deep, provocative thought.
Touching the hearts and minds of her adult readers – and those on the cusp of adulthood – is what Stull specializes in.
“Life experiences are everything! I’ve actually had several readers tell me they were purchasing copies of my book for their older teen family members. I think a younger audience could benefit from Hope’s journey.”
Hope is the main character in A Thirty-Something Girl, for whom life has been anything but kind. Everything that can go wrong has. At an age when life should be coming together, and questions should start to be answered, Hope find herself feeling very alone and terribly confused. As her life spirals out of control, she realizes she needs help. And she needs it quickly. Thankfully, Hope begins to find her true self with the love and support of her dear friends. Along the way, she meets someone who makes her feel like living to see another day might be worth it. But with happiness, comes pain. Pain from a past that won’t be forgotten. Walking a dangerously fine line between joy and utter despair, Hope wonders if happy endings really do exist, and if they do, is there one waiting for her?
Happy is what Stull feels when she writes. As a Washington DC native who spends her days chained to the desk of a law firm in southern Virginia, Stull notes that although writing is not her career, it is her life.
“For me, to live is to write.”
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  1. I realized I wanted to make writing a new career a year and a half ago, and I am glad that I am honing the craft towards my publication dream. If my goals don't go the way I hope, at least I will be resolved that I at least made a huge go at it.

    As I progress learning, one thing I value is learning from other writers, other professions within the literary industry and I think that is what humanity is about learning something positive from another person.
    “For me, to live is to write.”

    This quote that L.M Stull ended with resonated with me, so very true.

  2. Thank you again for having me on your lovely site!!

  3. Keisa! nice to meet you :) So glad my words spoke to you! GOOD FOR YOU for taking the leap and going after your goals. I admire anyone who does this. When I turned 30, I coined this phase of my life the "Decade of No Excuses." I like to see people trying. Trying and not attaining the goal you originally sought is not failing. Failing is never even trying at all.

    Best of luck to you!

  4. Congrats L.M. on your book.

    I Love the phrase: Decade of No Excuses. I know someone in her sixties who is still making excuses. It's too bad. But on the bright side, I'm using her as an example for my kids. ;)

    1. Stina! Thank you so much for your kind words! It is, indeed, very sad that some people never learn the importance of letting go of all those fears (and excuses). Good for you for setting a good example for your kids!!