Thursday, February 16, 2012

Creative Marketing

Author and graphic artist, Keary Taylor, has impressed me yet again.

I was trundling down my FaceBook Home page when I came across her visually stimulating (i.e. totally hot) graphics on Valentine’s Day.

Each graphic features a male character and sizzling quote from her novels. (Click here to see all four.)

I’m not opposed to a little eye candy on Valentine's.

Death by Chocolate

Cocoa covered kisses to YA Stands founder, Nicole, for posting about the anthology my sister chocolatiers and I released this month. Bewitching Book Tours is hosting our blog tour all this week with giveaways. (See schedule.)

In the spirit of love, romance, and St. Valentine’s, I wrote three guest posts yesterday for the DBC virtual book tour about my first kiss… at age 21, the quickest (French) wedding ever, and confessions of a love junkie and chocoholic.

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