Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reflections of a YA Writer - Julie Rieman Duck

The last few
months as a blogger on YA Stands have brought me closer to today's up-and-coming YA stars. I feel truly blessed for the experience and find myself in awe of each writer's story.

As I've detailed the journeys that have brought about publication for these authors, I've thought a lot about my own journey. The last three years have found me creating four young adult stories - A Place In This Life, SWELL, little rooms and The Joy & Torture of Joshua James. The process of submitting contemporary YA has not been easy, and with the encouragement of my last agent, I self-published A Place In This Life, which is currently on blog tour through Stuck In YA Books.

The process from writing down my ideas on the back of a medical diagnostic sheet, to writing the book, getting an agent and eventually publishing the story has been whirlwind in retrospect, but it's really how the process goes. While some authors achieve seemingly instant success with top agents and publishers, most of us achieve it by more modest means. For me, that is okay. See, if I can touch one heart with my story, then that means my job as a writer is done.

I hope that you find the same kind of satisfaction on your own journey toward realizing your writerly dreams.

Visit me on my blog tour at Stuck in YA Books, and find A Place In This Life at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and BookieJar.


  1. For those of you who do not know Julie, you should. She has been an asset to YA Stands, finding and interviewing some of the best up-and-coming YA stars. She is a go-getter, yet so very humble (I had to convince her to do this post about herself!)

    The premise of A Place in This Life looks very interesting. As I've told you before,Julie, I can't wait to read this!

    Good luck on the remainder of your blog tour!

  2. Great post, Julie! Good luck with the book and the blog tour!

  3. Thank you SO MUCH! Can you see me blushing? I'm so happy to be a part of YA Stands. Helping other writers is something I would like to do for, well, eternity? It is such a strong community of creative people that we have!

    - Julie