Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Community of Writers

I'm in a post-conference love fest haze right now. I can't think of writing any other post but one that tells each and every one of you to register for your nearest writers conference or workshop.

The networking might be even better than the workshops, you'll be inspired, held up, supported, critiqued. You'll laugh, work, cry, and come away knowing why you're a writer.

My conference of choice is SCBWI New England -- -- but there are many.

Some of my amazing writer colleagues at this year's NESCBWI.


  1. Ooo! I agree. I'm going to a conference next month here in Oregon (SCBWI local event) and am eager to do the networking thing. And learn stuff of course. :) It's so great to mingle with other writers--who don't get tired of talking about writing!!

  2. Excellent advice! I need to search my area for Writing Groups. I did join some online writing communities :)