Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspiring Inspiration

Sometimes you just can’t get the juices to flow. Sitting there and staring at the blank page is just a waste of time. So what can you do?
Turn on the TV. Browse the YA section at your library or local indie bookstore. Take a run/walk/exercise class. Turn on the radio. Do some gardening. Go hang out at the mall. Take a scenic drive. Sing at the top of your lungs. Play mini golf. Eat chocolate. Plant a tree. Go for a hike. Take some pictures. Look at your high school yearbook. Get a margarita with a friend.

Do something else. You’ll find inspiration in the strangest places.

Shout out to Leo Babauta of Write to Done ( for inspiring this post.

 Where do you find your inspiration? Do you ever get stuck?


  1. I find my inspiration from the weather, strangely! But at the moment, I'm totally stuck. I know writers are supposed to be overflowing with ideas, but the well has run dry for me :(

  2. I use music as inspiration. Sometimes that perfect song brings the words right out of me. Get lost in new music, like singer-songwriter tunes. I could search iTunes forever to find what I am looking for, but once I do, the ideas just don't stop.