Thursday, May 24, 2012


Recently, I began a new weekly blog post about my journey as a writer called Thoughts of an Unknown Writer. Why? Because I needed an outlet for everything that has been swirling around in my head. In my post, I talk about the music that gave me the inspiration to write my first manuscript. Today, this manuscript is not completed. One day I hope to work on it again, but for now I am working seriously on another.

I use music as my inspiration for all of my writing. Kelly Clarkson sang her way into my heart a few years ago, but now I am listening to a few different artists as I work on Ugly (working title). I am not alone in creating playlists to listen to as I write. In fact, many authors share their playlists with their readers via websites and Twitter.

Personally, I use music for many different reasons. Songs that I choose may help to create the mood I am working to create in my story; they help me to feel what I want my characters to feel. This is the way I work best, especially when I don't get too lost in searching for the right music.

Here are a few songs I am currently using as inspiration. What songs are you inspired by?