Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Girl on the Blog

Hi there!  *waves to readers*  I’m Laura and I’m so excited (and a little nervous) to be joining this awesome group of YA writers here on YAStands.  Since this is my first post I’d like to do a little ‘getting to know you’ quiz.  (Bet you didn’t expect to be tested, did you?)  I promise it’s not hard and I think it will be fun to see everyone’s answers.  I’ll even take the quiz with you!

Here are the questions…

1)      What book are you reading right now?

2)      What color are your socks? (He!He! I told you this would be fun.)

3)      What is your favorite YA book (or series)?

4)      Do you prefer pie or cake and what flavor?

5)       What genre do you normally read/write? (within YA, of course)

6)      If you have a pet, what is its name?  And if you don’t have a pet, what would you name one if you did?

7)      If you could meet any author, past or present, who would it be?

 Here are my answers…

1)      ENDURE, by Carrie Jones

2)      Tan with giraffes on them

3)      This is a hard one because I pretty much love them all, but since it’s my quiz I’m going to have to say UNDER THE NEVER SKY, by Veronica Rossi (simply amazing in every way)

4)      Pie, rhubarb (but not strawberry rhubarb)

5)      Fantasy mostly though I’m trying to branch outside my ‘comfort zone’

6)      I have a lovable black lab named Duchess

7)      Jane Austen!!!

See, fun right?  Okay, now it’s your turn to take the quiz, just leave your answers in the comment section.  I can’t wait to know what color your socks are ;)

(P.S. In two weeks I’ll be featuring a YA debut author, stop back to see who it is.)


  1. Hi Laura!Here are mine:
    1. mss for editing internship (no time to read anything else at the moment)
    2. barefoot--always
    3. Dead To You by Lisa McMann
    4. not a huge sweets fan
    5. suspense & contemp
    6. no pets, used to have a Mastiff named Emily
    7. Lisa McMann (huge fan)

    1. I've never read a Lisa McMann, I'll have to check her out!

  2. Welcome, Laura! Nice to "meet" you.

    My answers...
    1) Right now I'm re-reading one of my own adult romance novels because I have to make notes for the sequel.

    2) Today my socks are drab, boring grey... kind of like our sky here (it's been rainy for days!)

    3) Do I really have to pick a favorite? Because I kind of can't...

    4) Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting.

    5) I'm about half and half with urban fantasy and contemporary

    6) We have two cats, a flame-point Himalayan named Aubrey (she came with that name; we adopted her from a shelter) and a calico named Shinobi, which is Japanese for ninja. She lives up to the name.

    7) Susan Cooper

    1. Love the cat name! We have some friends who call their cat Kung Fu Kitty :)

  3. I'll play, too. And welcome, Laura!

    1. Between books right now, but the last one I read was Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard.
    2. no socks.
    3. Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
    4. Cake, chocolate.
    5. I write mostly contemporary, but I love paranormal, dystopian, pretty much anything good. :)
    6. No pets personally, but my mom just got a golden doodle named Zoey.
    7. JK Rowling.

    Great Quiz, thanks Laura!

    1. Another no sock person, my feet are always cold so I wear socks all the time :) What's next on your to be read list?

  4. Thanks for playing guys! Great answers and now I have some books to add to my reading list?

  5. Hi Laura! Great to meet you.
    1. Currently reading Crazy Dangerous & I Hunt Killers:)
    2. Currently barefoot...but I am known for my skull socks.
    3. Favorite YA book? That is terribly difficult! I guess I would say Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.
    4. Pie- my mom's homemade apple is my fav.
    5. I write mostly contemporary, but I love fantasy and paranormal.
    6. I have 2 cats: Bubba Kitty and Bear. Yes, the kids named them!
    7. I just recently met Melissa Marr:) I would die to meet Stephen King in real life!!!