Friday, June 22, 2012

To Plan or Not to Plan? That is the Question.

Plotster or Pantser?

Okay. I admit it. I am a self-proclaimed pantser, but lately I am beginning to question this about myself. I have been working on my manuscript for quite some time and had some really good ideas, but lately I have needed to actually plan out my next move.

Why is this suddenly different? Well, I have found while editing that much of my story has some HUGE holes in it. It was and still is missing background for my characters. The emotion and tension has always been there and I still have my favorite scenes that work, but the middle. Oh, the middle! Gaps. Big gaps.

Makes me kind of feel like I have been caught with my pants around my ankles! Whoops!

This may not have ever been an issue had I planned my writing. This is not to say that I ever want or think I should plan out an entire book before I begin writing, but it may have helped to plan just a little. Now I find that I have to take extra time to go back to chapters and add more, which means more reading and more revising. 

For now, I am going to keep my head above the wave and finish my writing. I will fill in each and every one of those gaps and make my story the best it can be. Next time though, I will definitely plan a little bit more.

Anyone else had a similar experience with their writing? How do you balance the planning with the need to be spontaneous? 


  1. I couldn't imagine out and out pantsing a story. I mean when I outline, it's pretty basic, and loose, like maybe 10-20 major plot points, and everything in-between gets pantsed to a certain degree, but I would never get to the end, if I didn't have at least a vague idea of where I was headed.

  2. I think I'm the same as you, Matthew. I come up with a general storyline, but let the characters figure out how to get to each point. Sometimes that means more revisions and holes to fill, but that pantsing is also my favorite part.

  3. I am very much a planner so I am not sure I can be much help to you!

    But I did want to come and say thank you for stopping by my blog, I know it was a bit ago but I hope you'll still come back for other giveaways :)


  4. Thanks K8, I definitely will stop by again!
    I think I need to just find the right balance for myself. I am not an outlining kind of girl, but I see a lot of need to have at least a rough sketch for my plot. I will make some changes when I begin the next manuscript, but for now...on to finishing this one:)

    Thanks for all of the comments!!!