Friday, July 6, 2012

I finished my what?

As I posted recently on my blog Kissed by Ink, I finally finished writing my first manuscript! Now that I have finished I have actually discovered a few things...

1.  My step-mom follows my blog!

First, let me explain why I have begun to freak out. I am so happy that my family is so supportive and even follows my blog, but I forgot. I forgot and got a phone call from my step-mom congratulating on my accomplishment. Then--oh then-- she sent the link to my vlog to EVERYONE in my family!!! OMG!!!

2.  My family wants to read my manuscript!

Once my step-mom knows about this, she tells my dad. Now, they both know that I have been writing, but not how close I was to finishing. Later that day, my dad calls me and says that he wants to read my story. The man who only reads hunting books and more traditional stories. My story is contemporary YA and has quite a few swear words sprinkled throughout. I said, "Dad, you don't want to read my manuscript."
I know that they will all read it eventually, whether or not it ever gets published, but it's very scary. Not so much that some stranger will read it and judge it, but family is different. I have to live with them:)

BTW- I have already sent a copy of my manuscript to my sister in Minnesota. She was the first person I allowed to read it in the very beginning, so it's fitting that she is the one to read the finished version.

3.  I am finally telling people what I have been working on for a year and a half.

I began telling a few baseball moms last month, but I have expanded my range. This week at my hair appointment, I told my hairdresser Vickie. She actually stopped dead in her tracks. Stupified. Yup. I stumped her. We usually have a 2 hour gab-fest while she colors my hair, but I never really talk about this part of me. I guess I have been afraid I'd jinx myself.

4.  Writing a novel was the easy part.

I know, this is really a lie. Right now I am searching for representation, which requires research. Also, writing my query letter is NOT an easy thing. Trying to sum up a project that I spent sooooo long on is-very difficult to say the least.

5.  I have accomplished something so wonderful...I am very proud of myself.

I believe that I have done something to be proud of. Writing a novel. Whether I never get published or I get a million dollar contract with a top publishing house (yeah, this won't happen but it's the two ends of the spectrum), I have accomplished something that is very important to me. I finished. I wrote a story. One that I am proud of. To me, this is complete success!

Anyone have any stories about finishing their first manuscript? Please share:)


  1. I was soooo naive when I finished my first story. I knew the odds of being published were slim. But I thought the only beta readers I needed were teens. Great idea, but they can't help you improve your writing. I knew better for my next book.

  2. I have so much to learn about writing AND working to get published, but that's okay. I am totally ready for whatever happens:) No matter what the lesson learned is to keep writing.

  3. Yay! Congratulations :) It really is an amazing feeling to type those last words, hit save, and know that you have created something entirely from your own imagination.

  4. In a period of 2.5 years I have completed 5 full MS, after quitting my day job. When I finished my first one I hated it and put it away. When I went to finish the second one I cried for 2 hours and then typed the last paragraph, then I felt guilty for a month over the ending. The third I cheered, got drunk on wine and then passed it on to my friends because it was never supposed to see the light of day. When I finished the fourth I decided to give it 4 months and then I would go back and add another 10k words. The fifth I wrote in 4 days. I felt calm and happy.
    I am unagented, soon to be traditionally published and excited that I finally made it after 300+ rejections from agents. It's amazing and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I must live in the land of words there is no other job for me.