Monday, July 9, 2012

The INTERN Critiques: 500 words!

So I've been an editorial intern with Entangled for a few months now and I thought what better way to share some of the things I've learned than to get personal with YOU! So I'm offering a 500 word critique of any YA work-in-progress or completed manuscript. It could be the first 500 or a scene you're having trouble with...anything!  On top of a general critique, you will have the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with me about your manuscript as a whole!

To enter, leave your email in the comments below. A winner will be chosen Monday, July 16th!

Want to increase you chances of winning? You'll receive an additional entry if:

*You follow the YA Stands blog
*You follow YA Stands on Twitter
*You RT this giveaway
*You use the words mustard, sunscreen, and rat in a coherent sentence (hee, hee)

Good luck!


  1. Hmm...are other members of this blog eligible? I have a story I was considering submitting to Entangled, and would love to get feedback on it...

    When I saw the rat in my kitchen, I squirted mustard to scare it away, but then slipped on the sunscreen my daughter sprayed and landed on the rat!

  2. That sounds fun. My boyfriends cousin has a rat, but then I tried to pet it, left it alone to put on sunscreen then ate a hot-dog with mustard in front of my cat. Email is jdsamuels25(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  3. What an awesome opportunity, to get feedback.

    task: mustard, sunscreen, and rat in a coherent sentence

    I was somewhat hesitant to try the new mustard sunscreen, but Hailey insisted it didn't actually smell like mustard but rather lilacs, which was quite bizarre, anyways as I lather the concoction she lied it so did smell like mustard and I was starting to get the feeling she pranked me to buy the darn thing at Wallymart , as I was about to toss it in the trash I noticed a gray rat so large it looked like it was created in a mad scientist lab.

  4. Your offer is better than a rat's mustard-yellow sunscreen.

    I can't help but enter.



  5. Wow, great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you!


  6. This sounds fun. I think I'll retweet, and join.

  7. I'd love a critique on the first 500 words of my novel. I want to make sure my revisions went in the right direction. Also, I already follow YA Stands on Twitter (RachelxRussell if you need to verify) and here's my silly but coherent sentence with the words mustard, sunscreen and rat.

    I slathered SUNSCREEN on myself to go outside, not noticing the MUSTARD stain on my shirt. Apparently, the combined aroma of sunscreen and mustard is something of an aphrodisiac for rats, because upon going outside a RAT scurried out of the bushes toward me.

    Email is

  8. fcstcc18(at)yahoo(dot)com

    She slathered sunscreen over the beast, like mustard on a rat sandwich.

  9. Heidi @ franticallysimple. com
    Poop from an infected rat may look like mustard, but it will taste like sunscreen.

  10. raneesclark(at)yahoo(dot)come
    Thanks for the opportunity!!