Monday, July 16, 2012

Publicity Isn’t All Parties and Glam.

What does a publicist do? one might ask themselves. I’m here to answer that question!

Once I’m notified with a list of authors, I contact them immediately to find out more about their book: if they’ve been published before, if the book is part of a series, if they have any previous relationships with bloggers (if they do, I ensure they’re asked first when booking the author’s blog tour), and what the author’s willing to do for their campaign.

A good publicist knows how to treat each client as an individual and not as an extension of the company. With each campaign I work on, I make it a point to find unique angles to publicize my authors with. If they have a foodie novel, I reach out to magazines like Ladies Home Journal or Rachel Ray. Many publicists have access to contacts authors don’t. Most major magazines won’t give an author the time of day, but if a publicist acts on the author’s behalf, using personal relationships with magazine contacts, the two together have a fighting chance to get their book reviewed.

In addition to booking blog tours, I also email newspapers and radio to see if they’re interested in reviewing our books. Recently, I was able to get Lisa Burstein’s Pretty Amy reviewed on

A book’s maximum exposure, in the end, is the goal and I strive to make sure each book has a campaign that is unlike the one I’ve worked on before.

I would love to answer any questions readers or aspiring publicists might have. Don’t hesitate to comment.

All the best,

Heather Riccio, publicist
Entangled Publishing

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