Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Researching Fiction

One of the reasons I’ve been so busy is that I had a book release recently. TIMELESS: An Anthology of Young Adult Romance is published by Pugalicious Press and was released two weeks ago. I co-wrote a short story, “Stella’s Hero,” included in the book. I'm so excited about our story being in the company of these great romances! And I seriously can't stop staring at the beautiful cover.

You can find out more about Timeless here.

So I thought I’d discuss research today. What? Research for fiction?

Well, sure. Especially historical fiction. But research for sci-fi, fantasy, and contemporary fiction as well. In fact, there was a great debate on the Verla Kay Blue Boards the other day ( about whether or not you should be a writer if you don’t like to research.

I would argue that research is as necessary as revision. Or Editing. You don’t have to like it, but your book is going to suffer if you don’t do it. And do it well.

Ansha Kotyk (my writing partner) and I wrote Stella’s Hero in about four weeks, so we didn’t have boat loads of time for research. My nagging fear is that there’s some glaring historical mistake. 

A few things our research revealed are: 

South Station in Boston didn’t exist during the time we were writing about,so our characters had to leave the city from North Station. 

Chinatown and the fashion district were near each other, which we knew was true today, but research confirmed. 

There was precedence for a Chinese Immigrant and an American woman to fall in love and marry. 

During our research, we also found some great pictures for inspiration. I’ve included one here, but for more, see my blog post here.

We’ll be doing a round robin of interviews for the next month with all the authors, the first of which appeared split between my blog and Ansha’s blog ( this week.

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