Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I’m a major romantic.  I cry at sappy commercials or when I hear a sad song, and I can rarely make it out of Hallmark without shedding at least one tear.  I get tingles when characters in the book I’m reading finally get together.  I live for those moments, the ones with racing hearts and breathless kisses.  Those are the moments I’m most caught up in the story.  That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the mystery or suspense, but the romance is what keeps me reading.

You’d think, with my ‘love affair’ with romance, that I’d like Romance novels.  But I’ve only read a handful of typical Romance novels that I actually enjoyed.  For me, I think it’s the build up that I enjoy, the subtlety of how the characters start to notice each other and how they discover they are attracted to one another.  Then, when they finally do realize it and have to work through whatever conflicts still stand in their way to happily ever after…this is the sweet spot.  This is the wonderful moment when they kiss for the first time, knowing they shouldn’t or can’t again for a long time.

While there is sex in young adult fiction, it obviously isn’t as explicit as Romance novels, and that’s why I enjoy YA.  I like to read (& write) about the heightened motions and angst the characters are going through.  The lead up to the two characters getting together is often more heart wrenching and has higher stakes in YA.  And first kisses, in my opinion, are sexier than any love scene ever written.

The other night I was working on a new project and wrote a kissing scene that happens in a hammock.  (It’s not easy to kiss in a hammock, trust me.)  When I tweeted about it later, a fellow writer replied with “…yesterday I wrote a kissing scn too & I was grinning like an idiot writing it. Love those!”  She summed up my exact feelings in that one little line.

So, how about you?  Do You enjoy YA for the romance?  Or is it something else that keeps you coming back to this genre?

Oh, and this says it pretty good too...


  1. Gah, Laura, I think you are my soulmate! 100% agree with you: first kisses are WAY sexier than any love scene.

    1. Aww! *gives first big smooch to soulmate* hehehe!

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  3. I might be a bit biased, but if you love first kisses, you'll love this trailer for a new Entangled Publishing book, In Between: http://youtu.be/RyKcAyxrTnQ

  4. I came across the IN BETWEEN trailer yesterday, Heather. I had some serious heart-pumpage, LOL.

  5. Wow Laura, I think you hit the nail on the head! First kisses are way better than explicit sex scenes written in adult romance novels!

    BTW, the new In Between trailer is awesome Heather!