Saturday, August 18, 2012

Boys Boys Boys!

Today was hot. Extraordinarily hot. 
I spent most of my day sitting in front of a fan and guzzling down water. 
But it wasn't all bad. 
I don't always mind things that are hot.
Especially when it comes to the boys of YA.

Here are some of my favorite men from young adult literature and why I love them.

In love with: Alexander Fuentes
Why: He's tough. He's not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He loves his family and is very protective. He knows how to take in attitude and dish it right back. He's covered in tattoos. <3 Though he's in a gang (he's made mistakes), he still tries to do what's right when he can, which can be dangerous. He knows he shouldn't fall for his school's head cheerleader Brittany Ellis. It would never work out. They're too different people from different sides of town. "Can they break through the stereotypes and misconceptions that threaten to keep them apart?"
Read this if: You have a soft spot for tough guys who will risk everything for love. Also, love scenes.
Related books: Rules of Attraction and Chain Reaction

In love with: Kale
Why: He's different. The things we take for granted everyday are new to him (like shoes, vases, and kissing). Though he has lived through horrific and unspeakable things, he is still a good person and does what's right. He says what's on his mind. He's willing to risk himself for the safety of others. Did I mention that he's also a human weapon that has military training and can kill on demand? He doesn't want to think about those things now. The only thing on his mind now is Dez.
Read this if: You love men with a supernatural twist. Also, bright blue eyes. Also, kissing.
Related books: Untouched and Toxic

In love with: Noah Hutchins
Why: He's a tough guy that doesn't need help from anyone. Life's dealt him a tough hand and nothing can break his cool guy facade, except for the thing he wants most in the world. He isn't afraid to throw a few punches and he isn't scared off by some seriously crazy baggage or body defects. His world collides with protagonist Echo Emerson, and they both grow in ways that made my heart race.
Read this if: You love novels with twists and turns you didn't expect. If you love reading about soulful boys that can accept you for you, flaws and all. Also, kissing.
Related books: No sequel that I'm aware of... Unfortunately. But I think she has another novel coming out in 2013 (YAY!)

In love with: Cas Lowood
Why: Cas Lowood is sauve. He's smart. He kicks major butt and isn't afraid of the things that would make normal people run screaming. He has strong family ties and cares about the safety of those around him. He travels around, searching to send volatile ghosts on to wherever it is that they go. He expects his next hunt to be as easy as all the others. But it's different. And this isn't just another ghost. He meets Anna and comes to terms with more than just his feelings. If you watch the tv show Supernatural, he's like a high school version of Dean Winchester.
Read this if: You like tough guys, ghost stories, and men that wield large knives. :)

Who are your favorite men of young adult literature? 
Reading: Behind the Bookcase by Mark Steensland

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