Monday, August 27, 2012

Calling All Procrastinators...

I am the WORST at this, and I’ll tell you why. In addition to being a senior publicist for Entangled Publishing, I’m also the Director of Partnerships for Project Migration, a fashion accessories company with a charitable initiative, and work with the marketing department at Bowker, the leading ISBN company in the US and UK. That’s on top of pursuing my dream of becoming a big-time famous author someday. That won’t ever happen if I don’t do two things: butt to chair, and write. Whether it’s typing on the computer or writing in a notebook, I need to write it down.

Here’s the thing: number one, butt to chair, not so hard; number two, writing, now that’s another story. Sometimes I want what I’m writing to be perfection. Truth is, no matter who you are, someone aspiring to be a writer, or someone who writes full-time, the first draft is always the spit-up draft. We throw everything onto the pages to see what will stick. Then, there’s draft two. That’s where we  start developing the characters, why do they react the way they do, who do they like, who do they dislike, what makes them tick. Finally, there are drafts three through however many it takes for us to make it perfection.

As a writer, it’s our duty to demand a certain amount of perfection out of ourselves. After all, the world will be watching, waiting, scrutinizing our every move. No we aren’t Britney Spears or Kristen Stewart. I’m not saying it’s okay to have an affair or even alright to get married and then turn around and annul it quickly, what I am saying is that hopefully what we write will change someone’s lives like their actions have changed other people’s lives. Even if it’s just one person, we’ve helped shaped their future, just like others have shaped our pasts.

So, listen up, all you procrastinators out there, me included, sit down, open up your laptop, and write, write, write. Start with a grocery list, or simply write your thoughts for the day out, and let it flow, writer. Let it flow.

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  1. That's why I write. It's not to become a bestselling author (though that would be nice). It's to hopefully make a difference in at least one teen's life. That's my motivation for writing each day.

    Great post!