Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Talking to Your Target Audience

I’ve been teaching a kids writing class this summer. We haven’t done a ton of actual writing in the class, but we've explored concepts like plot, world building, and character development.

Last week, we talked a bit about outlining. And I mentioned that people who like to map out their plots are called plotters. Those who don’t are called pantsers, as in 'writing by the seat of their pants.' The kids LOVED this concept. The room was about half plotters, and half pantsers.

I highly recommend talking to kids about their creative writing. It’s helped me get a better handle on my own knowledge of craft. It’s helped me feel more comfortable for school visits. And it’s given me some insight to my future target audience. Talk to them about what they're reading, about what they like to write. They get so excited to talk about both!

Kids rule! When’s the last time you talked to your target audience?

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