Friday, October 26, 2012

Shelving Your Story Can be a Good Thing

This past summer, I set out to find an agent for my first novel. I wrote query letters. I did research. I sent emails. Then I waited. The rejection letters came in slowly, but they I did get them. Form rejections from every agent I submitted to.

That didn't discourage me. I took my novel and query letter to the internet and enter contests. I learned something HUGE here. That my story, although I am super proud of myself to have finished it, was not a story ready for an agent or the world.

I have since put that first manuscript away. Maybe one day I will brush the dust off of it and see if I can rework the story, but for now I am just proud to have finished something. I also truly believe that this is something necessary for every writer. To have some experience, although limited, in querying agents and allowing others to critique your writing is extremely important. I know that once I finish manuscript number two, I will have a better idea what to expect from the whole process.

And a better idea is now what I have. The WIP I am currently writing, and will finish during NaNoWriMo, is exciting! I have completely moved out of my comfort zone to write something that will be a thriller. Nothing will be given away here yet, I will hold that close to my chest for now. One thing I can leave you with is a song that really represents what I am writing.

See you all at NaNoWriMo!!!!


  1. You could always self publish it and get some readers that way. Self publishing is kind of fun.

  2. I had to put my first novel away. It was hard, but that story just wasn't publishable. I learnt a lot from the process, though, and my next novel was stronger because of it. I'm sure you'll write better books, and now you have the confidence to know that you can finish a novel! Best of luck! :)