Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shipping Characters - trust me, we love it

While spending time on the internet, I have realised that young adults love shipping things.

Let me explain.

Shipping is when two characters from a story are so perfect together that you can't imagine them NOT being together. 

In fact, we ship characters that are not together in 'real life', but we think they're perfect together anyway.

Every teen I know also has an OTP. This stands for One True Pairing, and it is the ship they ship the most. For example, mine is Shamy. This is Sheldon Lee Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory. They are together in the show, so I suppose you could say that the ship sails itself...

It happens all the time in fiction as well.

A lot of people I know ship Johnlock. This is John Watson and Sherlock Holmes. Reading the books, I would never have thought that in an alternate universe they would be paired together, but I suppose the TV show has exaggerated their characters.

I don't ship them, but I find it very amusing when I log on to Tumblr and there are many shippers (the people who ship the ship) ranting about how perfect they are together.


All of this talk abut ships can get confusing. But in fiction, young adults (ie: me) practically live off the 'feels' we get from shipping these characters.

Even if you have no idea what I have been talking about, it is still important to take note. Within a story, young adults can find a couple in anyone. However, we have to be given a bit of guidance from the author.

I'm not saying the you should have a prominent couple. But if you create characters that are strong enough to have a platonic love for one another without it being physically obvious, we will make a ship of it anyway.

So moral of the story: give us a ship. If we are on board, you know that you have a fantastic element to your novel.

The Book Critic x

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