Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cover Reveal: Language of Souls by Lena Goldfinch

I have the enormous privilege to reveal my friend Lena Goldfinch’s beautiful new book, Language of Souls. Isn't it gorgeous? And she designed it herself! Read more about her journey to publication below.

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Solena, a young healer with a generous heart, is desperate to heal her dying grandfather. When she ventures into hostile territory to find a rare herb, she finds out just how much she's risked when she's captured by the enemy and accused of being a spy.

As a soldier, Rundan has struggled all his life to please his father, a ruthless army commander, but when he's ordered to take the beautiful trespasser to the royal courts, where she'll be summarily tried and executed, he's plagued by the most inconvenient desire to protect her.

Though terrified and anxious to escape, Solena is confused by the handsome young soldier who cruelly captures her and then displays uncommon kindness. When he risks his own life to save hers, she discovers she may have risked more than her life...she may have lost her heart.

First published by The Wild Rose Press, 2010

About The Language of Souls:
"...fantasy with a side of sigh-worthy romance." -The Fiction Enthusiast

"A thoughtful artistically woven tale that delves into the complexities of the human heart. Goldfinch understands the frailties of the soul and draws readers in with her subtle romantic touch. Readers will be enchanted and wanting more!" -Jennifer Cervantes, award-winning YA author of Tortilla Sun

"The Language of Souls is a wonderful romance/fantasy novella, which is both sweet and sensual at the same time. The lush and wondrous setting springs to life off the pages. I loved Solena. She is smart and spunky, but it is her kindness and empathy that make her such a wonderful character." -Erin Cashman, author of YA supernatural fantasy, The Exceptionals

Lena’s journey to publication, in her own words.

“When I got my rights back from the small press I'd published with, I knew I wanted to rewrite the Language of Souls and produce a new young adult version. It was always "young adult friendly," I'd say, but I felt I had something new to bring to it this time around. In fact, though the plot is essentially the same, the new version grew by about twenty new pages, which I feel added more dimension to the character of Solena, the heroine.

In self-publishing this second edition, I also got to do two other things I loved:

First, I was able to design my own cover. I've always enjoyed art and design and have been creating mock cover art for my writing for many years. Now, I was able to delve into cover design for real with the help of my graphics mentor, cover designer Lisa Amowitz (aka "Sensei Lisa" :)). I absolutely loved the design process. I loved that I had the freedom to assemble a "teen think tank" of sorts to help me select the final cover design. I polled teens from the Littleton Library, Nashoba Valley Technical High School, Fairwell Farm (a local horse farm where my daughter rides) and Wakefield High School. Getting teens to give their input on the cover was so
incredibly helpful! I had a different design in mind, but their votes swayed my choice. (I'm glad I asked.) My mantra in this whole process has become:

"Ask the teens, trust the teens." Teens know what they like, and the teens who voted on my cover were consistent in their choice. I have a great respect for their opinions. And I'm so happy with the result!

Second, I was able to hire a wonderful teen copy editor. Writers can only edit their own work so much. At a certain point, we just can't see the errors. We see what's supposed to be there. Our minds plays funny tricks like that--at least mine does! Since I was making some pretty comprehensive changes, I knew I needed another set of eyes. In addition to help from my fabulous critique partners, I was able to hire a brilliant copy editor, Thyra Root. As an early reader for some of my other projects, Thyra consistently impressed me with her attention to detail and with her tendency to quote from the Chicago Manual of Style. I so appreciate her keen eye and the level of professionalism she brought to the job. She helped me a ton with producing a clean final product. (If a person can be born a natural copyeditor, then that person is Thyra! She's made a great early start to a career in editing, or whatever else she focuses her talents on.)

It seems appropriate that in writing teen fiction, I was able to assemble a team of teens to help me out!

Get Language of Souls on Kindle and Smashwords.

About Lena

Lena Goldfinch lives in a scenic small town in Massachusetts with her husband/mad inventor, two kids, and a very spoiled Black Lab. She's been a past finalist in several national writing contests, including the RWA Golden Heart and ACFW Genesis contests, and has been published in short fiction. In her not-so-murky past, she's worked as a software engineer and a web designer, and now loves writing fiction. A member of RWA and SCBWI, she's also a blog admin for TheEnchanted Inkpot, a community of writers and readers of middle grade and young adult fantasy.

Thanks, Lena, for letting me reveal the cover. I love it! Can't wait to read the book!



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  2. This is one of the most beautiful covers I've ever seen. I LOVE it!! And the book sounds very cool as well. :)

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  4. Beautiful cover! I love the premise. Best of luck.

    Diane M. Haynes
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