Monday, November 26, 2012

The Home Stretch

Happy Monday! If you are participating in NaNo this year you are probably at one of several points. You are either miserably behind and wondering if you’re going to finish, already done, or so close you can taste it. Whether you finish or not, you’ve already won.

There’s an awesome fitness quote I stumbled upon recently that states, “No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everybody on the couch.” Think about it. If you get up and mosey around the block you’ll burn 100 calories while the person watching television will have burned 10. The same is true for your writing. Even if the only thing you gain out of NaNo is a couple thousand words and a general sense of direction that’s still more than you had before you started. Good for you!

My advice going into the home stretch is simple. You have 5 days left (including today) so write what excites you. If you’ve been writing from the beginning you may be milling through a scene you’re not feeling. Skip it. Go to the hot make out sesh you’re drooling over. Jump to the part where Kelly finds out Franky’s a dirty liar. Make your main character save someone from a burning building. Go somewhere! Use your final 5 days to furiously knit together elements of your book that are practically eating you alive. Trust me. The last 4,000 or even 12,000 will pour out of you. And, as always, don’t edit yourself. It’s a NaNo pitfall and completely destroys the point of this month. You are writing with reckless abandon – abandon your desire to fix things and finish first.

Thoughts? Opinions? I'd love to hear them!


  1. First year doing NaNo and I'm not going to "win" or get my 50 K, but I'm currently at 32 K. I consider that a "win" in my book because November is my busiest month at work and I have two young children at home that keep my hands full.
    But I LOVE this idea for this week. I have several key scenes in my head that stand out more than others, and I'm going to focus on those in what little time I have left of the month (and then keep on going through December). Thanks for the great idea!

    1. I'm glad it was helpful. This is what really pushed me over the edge last year when I "won" for the first time. You can do it! Congrats on 32k :D