Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Year's Resolution Book

The run up to a New Year can always seem a bit daunting because people expect you to make resolutions and FAIL MISERABLY.

But 2013 is the time for sticking with it.

If you need a resolution and are freaking out because you can't think of one, then here is one that could be great for you. If you didn't do NaNoWriMo or didn't get very far, or just haven't written as well as you know you could have done, it might be time to start again.

New Year = New Start.

Oh, and of course this resolution comes with its own problems, such as I CAN'T THINK OF WHAT THE BOOK SHOULD BE ABOUT. But fear not, because I have come up with an idea.

You know how one word can trigger a memory or a big idea? Well think of that one word and write a book about it. It doesn't have to be in the title or actually be written on paper, but perhaps it could be a main theme or a physical thing your characters have to find in the book.

Sometimes, that one word can start it all off. Sometimes it just hits you like:

That actually happened to me with the book I'm writing and I'm now 25,000 words of the way through. It is also the thing I am most proud of to date. 

That one word was 'hate', and it is now in the title, the theme, and basically what the whole first book of my trilogy is about.

You will be dancing across your house when you find that special word!

(double-triple-quadruple points for knowing who this is)

Hows about I give you some words to start you off:










I think that is enough words for now. Have a very happy new year!
The Book Critic x 

Side Note: I would love to know if any of the words helped you. Oh, and if you recognised the person in the gif.


  1. haha...isn't the second girl Blossom from the old TV show? And I didn't actually need help on an idea--just on pulling myself away from my old book. haha. It's DONE--but I keep messing with it. I swear, I could "tweak" for the next decade and never be fully satisfied. In the meantime, I have a perfectly good idea that I've started, but can't seem to get anywhere with. Maybe the New Year will give me the motivation I need!!

  2. Sacrifice.

    that word always gets my ideas going.

    Oh and that's Blossom. Also known as Mayim Bialik and Sheldon's girlfriend on Big Bang... lol

    1. I love that gif of Mayim, and Sacrifice is always a powerful word! Happy new year :)

  3. I'm on a roll with a manuscript started from one word, too: Runaway. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! Good luck to you too and have a happy new year!

  4. I loved Blossom! I've seen every episode of that show. I'm getting excited for 2013.

    1. Even though I'm only 15, I have seasons 1 and 2 of Blossom on dvd and love it! Have a happy new year :)

  5. Nice post. And yes, I am old and recognized "Blossom".
    I did a bit of research myself on the word "resolution" which had far more definitions than I had first anticipated.
    Here's one: Resolution: the act of analyzing a complex notion into simpler ones.
    There's more on my blog if interested.
    Thanks for the new view on an old concept. Very timely.