Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dreams Can Come True

If you are a writer chasing the dream of someday working in the publishing industry in some capacity then you know the roller coaster of emotions that goes into writing and reading and dreaming. For three and a half years. I’ve been writing seriously, learning about the publishing process, honing my skills. And for three and a half years. I’ve lived on that roller coaster. I’ve wanted to quit. I’ve wanted to give up on my dream. In fact, I wrote a post about that stealthy jerk, Self-Doubt, and was close, just a few months ago, to taking a break from writing.

But I stuck it out. I’ve pushed through more rejections than I care to mention. I’ve experienced the writer high – you know, that feeling when it all comes together and you feel as if you’re floating? And I’ve also cried. Hard.

Last weekend my world changed. I received an offer for an internship with The Seymour Agency and I said YES! I’ll be the Promotions Manager for the agency and their clients, as well as personal intern for Marisa Cleveland (who reps MG)!!! They are also mentoring me in getting my work-in-process to submission-ready status!!!!! Say wha? Additionally, I get to assist/accompany them to The Romance Writer’s Conference in July and possibly other conferences. I almost peed myself.

I got off the phone and screamed. And jumped. And cried. (Happy tears.) My dream was coming true.

But listen! I’m not one of those anomalies you read about that only queried 20 agents and snagged one. I didn’t get an agent with my first manuscript. (I’m writing my third novel.) I’m not a naturally gifted writer.

But I’ve been to conferences, I’ve read, and I’ve critiqued. I’ve edited and revised and rewritten. I’ve met people and introduced people. I’ve tried to put myself out there, build a platform. I have my own blog, I contribute to this one, I’m on Twitter, and Facebook. I’ve emailed with other writers and exchanged critiques.

To put it simply: I’ve worked. I’ve worked hard to get to this point.

I also recognize that every gut-punching rejection and honest critique has made me a better writer. I’ve had to experience the valleys on my writing journey, otherwise I couldn’t enjoy and appreciate the mountains.

I’m honored and humbled that I was chosen for this internship and that I have an agency now mentoring me, helping me get my work submission-ready. I’m also so frickin’ ecstatic I can hardly sit still. This really is an answered prayer.

So, if I may so bold as to give you a list of a few things I’ve learned traveling along my bumpy road:
     1.     Don’t. Give. Up.
<    2.     Keep writing every chance you get.
<    3.     Read everything you can get your hands on.
<    4.     Critique and find good/honest critique partners.
<    5.      Realize that there are no shortcuts. 
<    6.      Stay positive.
<    7.      Be genuine.
<    8.      Make real connections with people. Create real relationships.
<    9.     Know, that with hard work, determination, and faith, your dreams can come true!
     10.  Don’t. Give. Up.

I realize just how fortunate I am. Thank you to my husband for being so amazingly supportive and Marisa Cleveland -AKA My Fairy Godmother- (who is also a romance author with her debut novel releasing summer 2013 from Entangled) for giving me this AWESOME opportunity!

I really don't know what to expect going forward from here, but I do know that things can happen to us that are far better than what we could ask for or imagine, especially if we put forth the effort. So, go out there, write your ass off and make your dreams come true!!!

You can check out the agency and agent I work for below! Come follow us, “like” us, submit queries for your completed manuscript to us, or just say hi!

The Seymour Agency: (Mary Sue Seymour, Nicole Resciniti, & Marisa Cleveland - represent MG, YA, Inspirational, Romance, Thrillers, Urban Fantasy, and more. Check out the website for details.) 
Marisa Cleveland: Blog, FacebookTwitter: @MarisaCleveland


  1. Congratulations! It's always nice to hear these stories - ones where the writers worked hard and did make it.

  2. This is really amazing and inspiring. I love hearing success stories like this. Congratulations!!

  3. Fabulous! Thank you for sharing your story. Best of luck.

  4. Great news! Congratulations--and this is only the beginning! :)

  5. Thanks so much! :D I couldn't be the writer/critiquer I am today without my CPs and betas. <3