Monday, December 10, 2012

Gifting For the YA Soul

The holidays are upon us and, if you celebrate, I'm sure you're wondering what to get one another. If I could give any advice it's this: Don't forget. It seems silly, but during the holidays it's easy to forget the people who are behind the scenes. We get caught up in finding the perfect gift for our kids and it slips our mind that someone across the country is reading one of our drafts. There are many among us who don't have a support system at home and you may be the one driving force in your critique partner's life.

This post is fueled by a gift I received from my boyfriend this weekend. I've never been great about journaling probably because I dislike my handwriting or how hokey it feels making my life into a story. I don't know. I'm weird. Anyway, my boyfriend bought me a couple packs of moleskin journals, one of which he had opened and placed in a beautiful leather cover. I was initially impressed because, let's be honest, anything meant to support my dreams is an instant "awww" moment. But more so because of what was inside. Every other page was lined with some sort of writing prompt. Some he'd come up with himself and others he'd found online. When I finished thanking him he informed me that once I filled that journal then he'd give me another one with more prompts. This post isn't meant to dote on my boyfriend...okay, maybe a little, but seriously. I am blessed to have people in my immediate life helping me achieve my goals. And I may need to be that support for someone else.

What are you getting yourself and the writers in your life this season? Is it your undying devotion to a friend's upcoming project? A pack of really snazzy ball point pens? Or maybe a gift card to the place that publishes their business cards? There are many ways we can show we care this season. And we should! Not everyone has a stellar community at home and your encouragement may be the ultimate gift. Think about it.

Happy Holidays :)

Thoughts? Opinions? I'd love to hear them!

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