Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Christmas Spirit - writing or reading?

Over the Christmas holidays, it is clear that we will all be spending much less time on our computers than usual. Christmas time is family time, and whether you love it or are a total Scrooge you can't let the other people around you down in the festive period. 

This leaves us writers with a problem on our hands...

Should we read or write in the holidays?

For the topic of reading there is a simple answer. Of course we should be reading, and encouraging our family members to read too. Christmas is one of the only times when you can be sneaky and give your family lots of books - whereas they may normally never treat themselves to a capturing read you can provide that for them.

Then again, if you give someone a book who you know hates reading then they pretty much have to keep it anyway. They will either be forced to read it at some point or you may have sparked a new passion for them!

But the whole point of Christmas is that it is time-consuming, stressful work that will all apparently be worth it when the day arrives. So, will there be enough time in the month to carry on writing, or will your dreams of becoming an author have to be put on hold?

The fact of the matter is that Christmas is expensive and writing is completely free. So really, writing should be our safe place in the chaos. 

However, 'family time' is a term that us computer junkies forget the meaning of until we absolutely have to comply to it. Creating fiction may be the most magical thing in the muggle time zones but when you can't get much more magical than Christmas, December may have to be the time to slow down and take a non-fictional deep breath.

In conclusion, you should be allowed to write this Christmas. In fact, all of this festive feeling might be great inspiration for a character's emotions, and it is best to record how you feel during the only time when you feel it. 

Just try not to neglect the real World, ok? I know we seem a bit boring, but this month you receive presents and you only have to remember to wake up on the 25th. 

Have a great Christmas,
The Book Critic x 

P.S. I know I sound like a right Scrooge but I love Christmas really!

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