Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fulfilling Your 2013 Writing Resolutions

It's that time of the year again. The time of the dreaded New Year's Resolutions - the things you always resolve to do, but seem to have trouble doing.

What's the most common resolution for writers? Either to write more or to complete more - which is just the same thing with different semantics, assuming none of us are writing to leave unfinished work behind.

How can you easily write more? Know what is realistic for you and your lifestyle. For three days, set aside a normal amount of writing time, keeping track of your daily word count. If you know that it takes you an average of an hour to achieve 600 words,  you now know that it would take you just over 133 hours to write a long YA novel. Spending an hour on Twitter might not seem quite as important when you know exactly how much further it can bring you in your manuscript!

Does it still sound like a hard goal for the year? Break it down further!
For a novel of 80,000 words, this is an estimate of when you could finish.
220 words daily = 1 year
500 words daily = 160 days
1,000 words daily = 80 days. (Yes! You could finish your book in under three months!)
5,000 words daily = If you can do this, I probably don't need to be giving you any encouragement. Just stick with it!

The most important thing is to write daily. If you only have five minutes, write. If you can dictate to a microphone while you're stuck in traffic, do it. If you can frantically type a few words on your phone during lunch breaks, do it. Just find the words daily.

What other writing resolutions did you make for 2013?
I'm vowing to finish and edit my current WIP, and at least make the 50% mark in my next two writing projects.


  1. Oh my gosh. Thank you for reminding me what my resolution was going to be. I was going to develop a habit of writing every single day wihtout fail. I decided that like a month ago and forgot, haha! Thanks!

  2. Cutting out all the Facebook and other online gaming I used to do has done wonders for amping up my writing productivity. It also helps that I can type at least up to 90 wpm and know my characters and storylines backwards and forwards. I've written a 406,000-word first draft in 5 months and a 397,000-word first draft in three months, so someone writing a much-shorter book can definitely do it in a few months as well!

  3. When you actually set out all those word counts and how quickly you can write a book if you stick to your goals, it's really encouraging. My goal is 1500 a day until my current book is finished. Broader goals include self-publishing (I hope!) and finishing the rest of the series I'm working on.