Friday, January 18, 2013

Improving Your Writing

Writing is hard. Writing takes time. Writing requires constant learning.

There are a few things writers can do to improve their writing, because let's face it--nobody's perfect. The three that I have found the most helpful have been reading books and magazines, watching videos, and searching the internet for resources (like YA Stands). Here are just a few that I have found extremely helpful.

Writing Books:

1.  On Writing by Stephen King
2.  Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Writing Magazine:

Web Resource:

Last year I met Dan Wells at BEA. He has such a positive energy surrounding him, and if you've read Partials you know that he is a very smart writer. On YouTube, Dan has posted a five video series discussing the 7 Step Story Structure. Using examples like Star Wars and Harry Potter make for an entertaining learning experience. Check out Dan's website that links to the video series.


  1. Those Dan Wells videos were excellent. Thank you for referring to them.

  2. I will check the videos this weekend. They look like the will be excellent help for any writer, new or established. Thanks:)