Friday, February 1, 2013

Books and Movies

There are so many books that are being made into motion pictures. In fact, February is a huge month for two screen debuts: Warm Bodies and Beautiful Creatures.

First, I read The Hunger Games. Honestly, and please do not throw rotten tomatoes at your computer, I had a hard time reading this book before the movie was released. I put it away three times!!! Once I was able to picture the characters--because of all the movie trailers I could view online--the book pulled me in.

Now, I am reading Beautiful Creatures. This book has been sitting on my shelf for at least six months, so it is definitely one I have wanted to read but I have had so many other good books come my way that it just didn't get read. I am now reading Beautiful Creatures because I will NOT see the movie without knowing the story first. I like to compare the writing to the movie, even though I typically enjoy the book more.

I haven't read the book Warm Bodies, in fact I think the movie looks so good that I am considering never reading the book and just going to see the movie for fun! I know, bad reader!

Other books coming to a theater soon? Check out this HUGE list:
1.   Catching Fire
2.   The Host
3.   Ender's Game
4.   World War Z
5.   Delirium
6.   13 Reasons Why
7.   Firelight
8.   The Forrest of Hands and Teeth
9.   The Great Gatsby
10. The Maze Runner
11. Carrie
12. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bone
13. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
14. House of Night (untitled)
15. Vampire Academy (untitled)

This list is just for 2013. There are SOOOOO many book adaptations being released in 2014!


  1. They're doing Maze Runner! I can't wait to see what those maze creatures look like. I had such a hard time picturing them

  2. There are a few movies coming out that I will really have a hard time digesting if not done exactly how things look like in my head! REALLY frightened for the House of Night movie! I don't think that anyone can visually replicate this book (I will go see it anyway though)!

  3. Vampire Academy is being turned into a movie! I can't wait to see who plays Dimitri. They had better not disappoint!!!!