Thursday, February 21, 2013

Joining the publishing industry

Hi guys!

I know the YA Stands community loves to read and write YA stories, and it occurred to me that some of us actually might be interested in joining a career in publishing either at a literary agency or at a publishing house.

Some of the YA Stands ladies, actually, already work for agents and publishers, and you have no idea how I admire them. I don't think I personally could find the physical and mental strength to teach, take care of hubs and kids (if I had kids), write lovely stories, blog, and on top of all that read queries and manuscripts. Thank you very much, ladies!

But, if your love of books speaks louder than your tiredness, you're probably wondering what to do to get your career in publishing started. Well, I'm no expert, but as it is with all jobs, networking and honing your skills through an internship probably will open a few doors.

There's a really cool website,, that lists current job and internship opportunities. It is particularly useful because it shows when the job could be done remotely. So, if you can't move to a different town, it wouldn't keep you from applying to a position. Working from home is particularly convenient, considering that great part of these internships are unpaid. So, no extra expenses with moving out and adjusting to life in a new community.

You know what also is useful when looking for opportunities in publishing? Twitter. No kidding. There are many literary agents who are active on Twitter, and now and then I see them say they're looking for interns. You might consider following agents and publishers. 

You don't believe me? Take a look (by the way, they did not ask me to post this up here):

ICYMI, the opportunity of a lifetime: intern for sharkly literary agent (and, uh, me)!

Want to get into publishing and have an interest in PR? I have publicity and marketing intern positions available. 

Of course, you might want to go ahead and look up their agencies' websites to see whether there are job openings. I'd recommend using and taking a look at their extensive list of agents and agencies. It allows you to sort them by genres they represent, so it would be easier to find an agency that is just as passionate as you are about certain books.

Best of luck with your search, and let us know if you get a job or an internship. If you already have a job in the publishing industry, let us know more about it. If you have others tips, of course, we'd be more than happy to hear them.

Have a great week!
-- Becca

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