Friday, March 1, 2013


Alright, so I stole this title from an MTV show that my kids love. But in all seriousness, there are a few authors that I think are super ridiculous and everyone should take some time and get to know them. Each author I've highlighted below is active on Twitter.

1. Gretchen McNeil

    Gretchen is the author of Possess, Ten and upcoming book 3:59. Last year, Gretchen created a group called "The Army of Ten" who were charged with publicizing the release of Ten. For her upcoming September release, Gretchen gave away an ARC of  3:59 and I won it:) She is such a sweet and generous person, so it makes it really east to be a fan!

     She's my boss!
     Okay, not really but seeing that I'm a part of the V Mafia, she is the Don. I mean, I just have to mention that Victoria did create Dante Walker!  She is such a talented writer, but more importantly she is super nice. If you comment on her blog, she will comment back to you! 

    Her books make you scream!
    This is the response she has elicited from a few of my students, one of which has walked into our classroom waving the book at me and saying, "OMG! I can't believe..." Another has emailed me from home after reading a particular chapter. Trust me, this does not happen very often in 8th grade! Now with the release of the cast of the Delirium series, we can all look forward to watching this awesome trilogy come to life. Can't wait!!! (especially can't wait to get my hands on Requiem on March 5th)

     My favorite!
     I adore Melissa Marr! Last year I was really fortunate and got to meet Melissa at BEA. The fact that she was able to get James Marsters, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and aka Spike, to record Carnival of Souls as an audiobook is incredible!!! I mean, it also just shows her fabulous taste too! My favorite book by Melissa? Definitely Wicked Lovely!



  1. I need to check out Gretchen McNeil-the rest of these ladies are great. LOVE Marlssa Marr. I'm jealous you got to meet her;D

  2. I waited in line for 2 1/2 hours in order to do so! I did see her walking around the convention center, but was to scared to approach her:) She is super sweet!