Friday, April 12, 2013

Change is Good

A few days ago I was struck by a comment from one of my students. We had been talking about the band Paramore and their new album, which was released on Tuesday. Paramore, being one of my favorite bands, slightly changed their sound for this album and my student let me know how much she disliked the new material.

She actually said, "It sounds nothing like them. I don't like the change, I want the old Paramore."

This got me thinking about bands who change and evolve their sound, just like writers switch genres or  begin a new series. Personally, I think change is good. Could you imagine if Jennifer Armentrout wrote about nothing more than an alien named Daemon? No. Instead, I think the writing community is fascinated by her latest self-published release Wait for You, which she wrote using the pen name of J. Lynn.

Could you imagine if James Patterson only wrote stories about Alex Cross? We wouldn't have any of his YA series! That would be terrible!

Without change, we would have an over abundance of stories that were similar in nature and no new material. Taking new ideas and turning them into stories or music is just what creativity is. What do you think? Stay the same or change and evolve?

New Paramore

Old Paramore



  1. I wish religions could embrace change as readily as musical bands. That would be something.

  2. That's tough. Like, I don't like Maroon 5's change, but I think Train's new sound was a great move. Paramore rocks either way.

    As far as genres? Change can be good. I wrote in the same genre for six years, and then switched it up this year and it was such a wonderful, freeing move. I fell in love with writing again, and I've found my niche.

  3. I know many bands/artists who apologize to a crowd when they're going to play new music. When I was in college, I remember learning that we writers should stick to one genre. I am not doing that!

  4. I really love this post! I think you're right. Change is good. But I also think that it's important to not lose site where you started originally. If you lose site of that completely you may have your original fans a little disappointed.

    I personally hate the new Paramore. It's so different and pop-y. I hate pop music. However, if the new album had a few more "rock" songs on it (like their old music), I'd probably buy it.

  5. I've actually begun to compare the new Paramore to No Doubt. They do have a few more rock songs on the album, but after listening to their last few albums, the sound blurs and sounds the same. Sticking to one's roots is absolutely important too!!!