Friday, April 26, 2013

Editing Cave

I have been deep in the editing cave lately. Not because this us where I want to be, but I've been stuck in my story. The writing slowed and progress crawled to a halt, so I figured it was time to go back to the beginning. Meet my characters once again. Remind myself just who's in charge--them.

Over the past week, I've revised and edited 51 pages, added 1,000 words, and cut 400 or so words. I have found so many ridiculous mistakes, I'm embarrassed to say, but now they're fixed. Is this the best these 51 pages can be? Probably not. Hopefully once I resend to my CP, she'll only be asking me to add things for content or more description, not sending me edits for spelling and punctuation errors. 

My goal of finishing this WIP by next Wednesday is a pipe dream, but who really cares? All I really want is to write the story that lingers in the dark corners in my mind. I want to do my characters justice. And I want to be proud of myself. Agent wanted? Heck yes, but this really isn't why I began writing in the first place. 

And for the actual editing and revising, well that has actually been calming and centering. I've actually enjoyed every monotonous minute of it. Here's what it looks like when I am in the zone. Please beware: I am a overusing paper offender. I will just apologize now for only being able to edit on a hard copy.

Bubba loves that I edit this way! No matter what, he's there to help me:)

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  1. Good point--it's important to enjoy every step of the journey. I've been stuck in the editing cave, too, but begrudgingly. Thanks for the refreshing perspective.