Sunday, April 7, 2013

Finding Yourself

Finding yourself is so much harder than saying 'oh, do you know what? I think I should go and find out who I am today.'

The truth of the matter is, however much you want to believe it, you need to try and find yourself before you find out who your characters are. Characters in a book are people that you can change and change again if you don't like how they are turning out (although sometimes you may not want to) but you need to stick to who you are if you want to complete the book that those characters are going to be in.

I have done a lot of, should I say, 'modernised' soul searching myself the in the past, and actually quite recently too. I have made Twitter account after Twitter account, changed my Tumblr URLs so many times that I forget how many accounts I have actually owned, and now possess two blogs from previously owning only one.

These are my stats so far:

  • Four Twitter accounts
  • Two blogs
  • One fanfiction account
  • One youtube account
  • One facebook account
And get ready for the big one, folks...
  • FIVE Tumblr accounts
I hate owning so many things, but I know that I have to put up with my own weird ways because I am only trying to find out who I am and what suits me best. 

After all of this time, I suppose that I should have known that I am The Book Critic. An unimaginative pen name, but it is who I am and I love every second of being that person. All of the other usernames are just for fun, but my real business lies within the writing business.

Knowing this, I am much more confident in finding my writing style and my character style. It sounds so silly, but it really is true. 

In my sixteen years on this Earth, I literally now have a name for myself. People on the internet (lots of lovely people... authors and writers mainly) know who I am. It is a great feeling and allows me to understand my characters better, without worrying who I am on top of the 50,000-60,000 words I want to write.

Using internet accounts may not have been the best way to explain it, but the message still rings clear. Find yourself, and your writing will find you.

I hope I haven't gone too philosophical, but I wanted to tell you while Camp NaNo was still running.

Good luck to anyone who is writing for that, by the way! It's hard, but I love it.

Until next time,
The Book Critic x

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