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2013 Romantic Times Rehash

2013 Romantic Times
Booklovers Convention

I attended the 2013 Romantic Times Convention in Kansas City a couple weeks ago and it was 

This convention, which moves locations every year, offers panel discussions, workshops, and parties for aspiring writers, established authors, and readers/fans! I met editors, authors, readers, and spent time with my agency siblings and my agent. I even met Twitter friends face-to-face! The RT Convention also holds the biggest book signing I've been to (I've not yet been to the Book Expo of America), as well as a TEEN DAY!

YA Alley - the mega book signing/book fair!
On TEEN DAY teenage booklovers (and many chaperones) flooded the book signing floor to buy books, have their novels from home signed, or to just catch a pic of their favorite authors. Teens were encouraged to attend YA author panel discussions in the afternoon. In the evening the teens (as well as many of us aspiring YA authors) were invited to a TEEN DAY party where they were given a bag FULL of FREE books (some ARCs), food/drink, and the opportunity to interact/mingle with their favorite YA authors!

It was amazing to witness so many girls, some shy and nervous while others were giddy and giggly, approach their favorite authors. You should have seen the look of admiration in the wide eyes of a group of young woman surrounding Veronica Roth. It was quite overwhelming, for me even, to meet my favorite authors - authors I admire and aspire to be like. (I totally dorked out meeting Stephanie & Ally, fellow YA contemporary authors.)

If you have the chance to attend a Romantic Times Booklovers Convention - DO! It was an amazing experience as a writer and a reader!

Below are several pics I took at RT. Next year it's in New Orleans. I'm going!!! Are you?
Me with Stephanie Perkins, author of Anna and the French Kiss & Lola and the Boy Next Door

Julie Cross - Author of Tempest & Vortex

Teen Day Party (authors in this pic: Gretchen McNeil, Stacy Kade, Stephanie Perkins)
Stacey Kade, author of The Ghost and the Goth series & Paper Dolls series with me
Cole Gibsen - Author of Katana & Senshi

Ally Carter, author of the Gallagher Girls series & the Heist Society series with me

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  1. Aww, wish I could've gone, but at least I get to go to BEA this year! Even if it's only on sat.