Sunday, May 5, 2013

A bit of shameless self promotion with a point

I am going to tell you about two things that I am up to right now, and although it may look as though I am self promoting, it does have a point.

  1. Stay Strong and Carry On Campaign

This campaign is my biggest project right now and the aim of it is to show people (young people especially) that they can stay strong. It is aimed mostly at people who suffer from depression, anxiety and so on, but it is also for people who feel like they are not good enough. This project aims to show people that they are worth it.

I am doing it because mental illnesses often prevent people from doing whatever they want to do. For example, depression makes people feel constantly tired and lose all motivation for doing the things that they would usually have a passion for. Somebody's passion might be writing, and by helping them within this project might just give them the strength to pick up a pen again and do what they love.

I even have a Tumblr made for it that gives advice CLICK HERE TO GO TO IT

One of the things I have suggested that people do to raise awareness for the project is write lovely things on post-it notes and stick them around their community. Here are a few examples:

If you could spread the word around about this project, that would be great. It is a serious project and so far I have spoken to many people and given advice to help them stay strong. I get very positive feedback about the project and it would be good if more people knew about it.

2. 'Young Writer's Wednesday'

This is something on my blog that I have been running for a while, but not enough people know about it to get involved. Young Writer's Wednesday is something to encourage young people to get out there in the World of writing. Each Wednesday, I would like to post a piece of writing from young people aged from 12-21 years old. The piece of writing can be about anything. It could be an extract from a manuscript they're writing, a piece of creative writing, fanfiction, or talking about a subject they are passionate about. I will also include their Twitter name and/or Tumblr or other social networking username, and this could help them get their writing out there. 

If you know anyone who is interested, tell them to email me at

All of these things I do to help people achieve what they want to, and if that happens to be writing then I would be more than happy to help them get their writing out there.

Shameless self promotion post over!
The Book Critic x

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