Friday, May 17, 2013

Free Critiques Around The Web

Hi, all!

I'm a huge supporter of writers getting their work critiqued by reliable writers. Whether they have a book deal of their own, are industry professionals, or just read and write a lot, people who know what they're doing can be a tremendous asset to any writer.

Thankfully, a lot of writers want to give back to the writing community and do so by offering free critiques. I've rounded up several great places to get your queries or pages critiqued, so check them out!

Author Mindy McGinnis does query critiques through her “Saturday Slash” feature. Help is on the way if you submit your query to Mindy. She does this once a week and the critiques are phenomenal.

Of course I have to mention the query feature here on YA Stands! The submission window is the first week of every month- submit yours for us to critique your query!

This is a new blog, but the information and advice listed here is invaluable. You can request a public or private critique. Lots of encouragement and helpful advice for pitching your book.

In High Spirits: author Dianne Salerni devotes the first three posts of each month to FIRST IMPRESSIONS-- super helpful crits of first pages submitted by YOU! She's teaming up with Marcy Hatch of Mainewords for this feature. See the sidebar of her blog for submission instructions.

I also want to let you all know about some free critiques being given away on my blog Saturday the 18th! I'm hosting a blog party with 4 publishing interns. These talented book people and I are going to be posting a freebie almost every hour throughout the day this coming Saturday. Some of the things included are two five page critiques, a pitch critique, a first chapter critique, a query critique, a fifty-page critique (yes, 50!) and physical copies of THE ARCHIVED by Victoria Schwab, LOOKING FOR ALASKA by John Green, and CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins. These critiques are by the interns and industry pros who are reading your slush, so you'll get great feedback! Plus, free books! Go here for more details.

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