Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How Much Do They Pay?

Back to talking about submissions guidelines and knowing what you're doing with a publisher...

One question I've seen a lot lately about publishers is how much they pay their authors. Do they give an advance? Do they pay royalties? What percentage? etc.

Not all publishers make that information available to the general public. Some prefer to keep their contract details--including payment--private. But in every case where I've seen that question asked lately, someone else has replied, "It says it on their site."

When you're choosing a publisher, or have decided on a publisher and are determining what you need to do to get your manuscript at least read, if not accepted, by them, it's important to pay attention to everything on that guidelines page. Many publishers don't only include information about how to format your book and what they're looking for. They include information an author might want to know, such as payment.

There are no dumb questions in this business. It's always better to ask than to not know and possibly make a mistake. But it can take time to get answers to questions, and sometimes you can save that time by carefully reading the guidelines page and finding the answer for yourself.

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