Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Twitter Party, New Bloggers, and A Query Critique!

The lovely and talented Nicole Steinhaus has been captain of our ship here for quite some time. Due to all the fantastic things she's had happening for her lately, she's stepping away from YA Stands and she handed the blog over to me. 

We'll miss you, Nicole, and I'll try to keep the blog running smoothly!

We do have something awesome in store for you readers this weekend. First, we're welcoming four new bloggers! Several of them are agented, one of them has a book deal, and all of them are fantastic bloggers who have great things to share with us. Please help me welcome Dannie Morin, Kiersi Burkhart, Nicole River, and Chanel Cleeton!

To welcome our new bloggers, and just because we think parties are awesome, we're kicking off a Twitter chat. The YA Stands bloggers will be on the #YAStands hashtag every other Friday at 8:00pm central time/9:00pm eastern-- starting this week! Our topic for the kickoff is "favorite reads of the year"- if you had to pick ONE YA book you read so far in 2013 to recommend to others, what would you pick? Come let us know at 8c/9e this Friday! I'm giving away a query critique to one random participant, and you'll get to meet our new bloggers and chat with book people, so you want to be there!

Finally, you'll see something new starting here at YA Stands on June 1st. Our bloggers are now running featured topics- each of us has something we love, and we're going to talk about it in relation to YA books for each of our posts. Here are some of the features you'll see coming up:

YA author interviews
YA book reviews
Conference/Book fair recap & prep tips
Industry tips and advice
Author media info and tips
YA TV shows
YA movies
YA music
Small press/self-pub browsing, library style!
True awesome teen stories
Coping with the writer life

 ...and a lot more.

So keep an eye out for fun new content, say hi to our new bloggers, and come chat with us this Friday on Twitter! Hope to see you there!


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  1. I am so excited to be joining the YA Stands Team. Thanks, Kate, for the shout out! :)