Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Twilight Debate

I know you have probably seen this a lot in the past, and I have even talked about it on my own blog. But today I would like to talk to you about Twilight and why you shouldn't knock the books back before you try them.

When I first read Twilight (which I admit was a few years ago) I was absolutely hooked. I had been a bit sceptical about it in the past but ordered the books anyway because people in my school had been raving about it. However, when I actually picked the books up for myself, I was transported in to a World of danger and a World where love can be found in the most different of two people. Not many books had affected me like that (and trust me, I had read a lot of books even back then) and back then it really was one of the best series that I had ever read.

Of course it is not my favourite series now, but I am still willing to defend it when people talk about how silly the whole series was. Even now, I do hold it as one of my favourite book series that I have read. It changed my life, as weird as that sounds. There is actually nothing to complain about where the writing is concerned - Stephanie Meyer is advanced in creating a complicated amount of characters and the language she used throughout to write the books were fantastic. I seriously couldn't fault it (well, it would have been nice if Edward had stuck around for more of New Moon...) but for some reason many people didn't agree with me and especially hated Bella Swan.

For people who have just watched the movies, Kristen Stewart portrays Bella as an emotionless, clumsy and naive teenage girl who it would have been better for to just run away from the vampire and never come back. But in the books, Bella has various emotions and a bit of a backbone. If she didn't have emotions, then her character couldn't have narrated the books. Otherwise, the whole series would have been very monotonous, and that wouldn't have been very interesting for even Kristen Stewart to read.

I for one applaud Stephanie Meyer on her hard work and dedication to the series. I just think that the lazy people who didn't bother to read the books and the movie franchise that was tailored more to 11 year old girls ruined the experience for a lot of people.

It's a rookie mistake. Don't hate the books, hate Hollywood for turning good books into a money bank. 

Do any of you have strong opinions on the Twilight series?

The Book Critic x 


  1. I enjoyed the series. Didn't love it, but it was addictive.

  2. I remember reading TWILIGHT. I was beyond hooked. I don't think the movies did the books justice AND I would not have casted Kristen Stewart OR Rob for the roles. Emily Browning is how I imagined Bella, and would have been perfect. Edward...touch choice. I think Henry Cavill when he was younger.

    Hollywood did the same thing to Eragon. Such a shame.

  3. I did not like the stories. I read the books and later watched the first movie. I could go on a huge tangent about what I didn't like, but, although the writing was not anything too impressive (she's no Stephen King or Amanda Hocking), it was enough to draw the reader in, so I won't knock the author in that respect.

  4. The writing was (in my opinion) boilerplate. Nothing special. But the story sucked me in like few other books have.
    What Twilight does catch a lot of flack for, and deservedly so, is the role model we are presented with in Bella Swan. She may have backbone when it's convenient for the plot, but the rest of the time she is presented as almost incomplete unless she has a Strong Independent Man TM (c). to make her whole. This is an awful message to send out to young people.