Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Author Media: Fan Art

Out of all my Pinterest boards, the one labeled fan art gets the most likes/adds. Why? Because once you fall in love with a world or character you want to stare at awesome pictures of it. If you're an author, fans might create fan art or you could create your own--I need to convince my husband to draw me some fan art.

Pinterest is such an easy tool to use and share photos, but stay away from the recipe boards unless you have a good four hours  to waste.

Since I already have a fan art board, I decided to show you some of my favorite pictures.

This beauty, drawn by Mseregon @ deviant art, is of Alina from SHADOW AND BONE.

I love the composition of this one. Can you figure out who it is? I only know one blue haired girl who wears a necklace full of teeth--Karou of DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE--drawn by Jim Di Bartolo. I found this one on Lani Taylor's boards.

And since I'm such a huge Iron Fey fan, I had to post this.

If you're not published, go check out Pinterest for some of your favorite characters. If you are published, search the web to see if you have any fan art lingering around or create your own! Either way, you'll have fun doing it.

Do you have any fan art boards? Share the link below!


  1. I spend hours looking at Pinterest! Those pictures are awesome, especially the Iron Fey one. I often end up looking at a lot of Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Avatar fan art and related pictures -- http://pinterest.com/irisleaves/random-fandom/

    Anyways, awesome post! Lovely pics! :D

  2. These are gorgeous pics! I LUV Pinterest Boards. I'm not sure how many I have, but so many are simply to inspire my writing. I'll check you out over there. :D

    1. They really are. I've gotten great ideas from a lof of the boards.