Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goodbye from Becca

Hi guys,

How are you? This was supposed to be an interview, but I'm sorry to say it's my farewell post. Or, really, my 'see ya later' post, because it's not like I'm going away and will never be back. In fact, I'll still be here-- though, no longer as a blogger. I'll be here as a reader.

You guys have no idea how much I've learned from everyone here. I'm a writer and a reader, and every time I interviewed an author so I could bring a bit of hope and cheer you on your quest toward getting published, I actually was trying to strengthen my hope as well. Like I said to a friend this week, the publishing industry is a crazy ocean, and I'm not sure I'm a good sailor. But, I try my best-- and I'm lucky enough to have you guys to support me.

It's been a bit crazy lately, and I realized I couldn't focus on writing the best posts that you guys deserve. I've decided that it's time to say goodbye. That said, the other YA Stands bloggers will continue bringing to you amazing bits of advice, articles, interviews, reviews, and so much more. I'm so lucky, too, that I can call them my friends. They're the most supportive and passionate people on Earth. And, they're so talented, too. Like Mr. Ollivander would have said, "I think we can expect great things from them."

I'll leave you with an inspiring video of one of my favorite authors (and, I guess, this is my attempt to bring an interview for you guys, today). Writers like Neil Gaiman keep me going. I hope his words will help you get back to fighting for your dreams. Never give up!

This is a clip from a The Nerdist podcast of Neil Gaiman 
giving advice to aspiring writers
(It was uploaded on YouTube by MischiefMaker37)

I sincerely hope I either entertained or inspired you, even if just a little bit, throughout these months I've blogged here. Thank you very much for everything, and keep visiting YA Stands for more amazing posts.

All the best... and, in case I don't see ya: good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
-- Becca
Twitter: @cavalcar 

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