Sunday, June 30, 2013

Inspirational Teens: Camp NaNo - July 2013

This isn't a post about one specific teen, but a whole range of teens that starting tomorrow will be writing away so that they can reach their personal target of words in Camp NaNo!

For those of you who have taken part in NaNoWriMo in the past, Camp NaNo is exactly the same... only it is the middle-of-the-year version! The virtual Camp has been running for a few years now, and every April and July people gather in their thousands to attempt another NaNo challenge. 

In this edition of the classic writing competition, the writers sign up to a cabin and their cabin mates (the people who they work with to complete a cumulative target) are chosen at random. You usually end up in a cabin with six or seven other people, but you have your own independent target to stick to. Unlike NaNo in November, the campers can control how many words they want to achieve during the month, but the scores are kept tally just the same.

I think this is a great idea, because teens who may not be going to camp (we don't have camp in England so it is a new experience for us anyway) or who won't be going on holiday this year have a chance to experience camp in a different way, but making new friends like you would on camp. The young writers have a chance to talk about their manuscripts, give each other advice, and help with NaNo sprints. All in all, it's a month of good fun.

It's not just for teenagers though - adults are more than welcome to do the two extra months! This method may actually suit adults more than the traditional NaNo because you can set your word count goal to a much higher number, allowing for a full-length novel to be written in that time. It is more challenging in this aspect, so I would encourage all adults to join in too!

July is a great month for teenagers to start writing properly, because school is either slowing down or has completely stopped, and they will have more time to focus on their writing, equalling a more productive month. November can sometimes be tricky for teens, because speaking from my own experience school is extremely busy and you can easily fall behind on your target word count. In England, mock exams can be quite common during that time (even though a new year would have just begun) so July is a better option for busy teens.

Teenagers who attempt the challenge of Camp NaNo are inspirational, because they are chasing their dream while they are still young and they are not afraid of both a little competition and a lot of hard work. So, this is why I decided to write about Camp NaNo for this week... let's learn from the teens and get stuck in. The summer is a perfect time for writing.

Have a great week!
The Book Critic x

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