Sunday, June 2, 2013

Inspirational Teens: My Story

Since I haven't had time to talk to a few teens yet about their inspirational stories, I thought I would talk to you about why I write and why I intend to carry on writing. This is my new segment on YA STANDS, where every two weeks I will talk about a teen who could inspire us all to live our lives to the full. I'm not sure whether you will find my story inspirational or not, but have a listen anyway.

*Cue the slightly selfish blogging session*

My story isn't really that inspirational. Throughout primary school, the only thing I was ever good at (or told to believe I was good at) was reading and writing. I literally couldn't do anything else. Maths? Nope, although I am getting a lot better. Science? Well, okay... I was alright at science. But I have progressively got worse. Everything about language has interested me from an early age and writing was like escapism. I wasn't popular at all at school, and I only had my first friend at age seven. Even then, those people didn't like me - I practically forced them to talk to me and they were stuck with me forever. With writing, I felt as though I could dream up my own friends and treat them how I had always wished to be treated by other people; with respect!

Throughout my sixteen years on this planet, writing and reading are still the closest things in my heart, right next to family and the few friends I have. And my cat. By the age of ten, I had written my first 'book' and sent it off to the publishers. A few months later I got a letter of decline by said publisher, but I had prepared for the worst even at that young age. I wasn't about to give up. 

To be fair, I should have finished my adventure book off instead of a guide to the perfect sleepover. Fiction is more of my thing. My priorities were clearly not all there a decade after my birth.

I will never be able to get satisfaction from anything else like I do with writing and reading. To think, they are the most essential things on this planet and lots of people don't appreciate them! I have been in the blogging community for almost a whole year now and I treasure some of my best memories from people complimenting my writing, talking to authors, receiving books to review (much to the surprise of my parents when they come in the post!) and just generally learning more about the writing industry. 

I have even managed to find one of my best friends through blogging. Kendal was my first reader and the most loyal of readers she is. I'm making her sound like a well-trained puppy, but she is literally one of the best things that could have happened to me. She once told me that I have saved her life... and to be honest she has helped me through some of the darkest times in my life when I thought I would never recover. We talk almost every day and I think it is good for me to finally have someone who I can share everything with, when I can't even tell my other best friend who I have known for years (the one I forced to be friends with me when we were seven). 

Most of the friends I do have can't be trusted. Fact. I don't like them and I am only sticking with them so that I don't end up being the lonely seven year old girl again. I have seen every side to them and each side is as horrible as the other. This is why Kendal means so much to me. I have seen almost every side to Kendal and each one is as amazing as the next. 

After experiencing the loneliness and bully behaviour I have had to endure my entire life, I decided to do something about the World earlier this year. Me and Kendal have teamed up to make the Stay Strong and Carry On Campaign, which basically is setting out to change things so that every teenager feels comfortable to live in this World. It is gradually getting bigger and we have many plans for it, so watch this space! I just want a World that doesn't have young people growing up feeling the way I did. By using my writing skills to my advantage, I am able to make this project the best it can be. 

This is my story. There is a lot more to it, but I won't bore you with anymore for now. I hope you can see how much reading and writing means to me. They are creating my future and they have helped me cope with my past. They are magical tools and should not be wasted.

I will have a different teen to talk about in two weeks time!
The Book Critic x

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