Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pub Life: Publishers and Literary Agents Seeking Interns

This is my first blog post with YA Stands and I’m so excited to be joining the group! I’m going to be blogging twice a month on Wednesdays with industry tips and advice.  I’m really excited to be able share some industry lessons I’ve learned and to learn from your comments as well!

Judging by the humidity frizzing my hair, summer is upon us.  For those of you looking for a publishing internship, this is the perfect time to find one.  Lots of agents and publishers hire in the summer, and internships are great opportunities for writers.  I interned remotely with a literary agency for about a year and it was easily the most influential experience I’ve had as a writer.  The lessons I learned were key in helping me land my own agent.

We’ve had two great posts by KateBrauning and RebeccaCarvalho on how to get a publishing internship, so I’m not going to focus too much on that.  But lately I’ve seen lots of tweets from writers looking for internships, so I’ve compiled a current list of agents and publishers hiring interns.  Some are remote and others are on site internships; some are for YA and others for adult fiction.  These are just a sampling of current and future opportunities.  Quite a few wonderful opportunities have recently filled but there are definitely some great options still available.  If you don’t find something now, keep looking; the Internet is a great resource.  I found my internship on Bookjobs.  Twitter and agency blogs are also really useful.

Even if you don’t have any publishing experience, you should still apply.  Most internships want readers with a passion for books.  Be professional on social media and demonstrate your interest in the industry.  If you’re a member of a writing organization or have a blog, definitely mention it in your cover letter. 

For remote internships you can usually make your own hours; so even if you work, you can intern in your spare time.  I did mine while I was in law school, which was definitely tough but still doable.  Don’t be discouraged if you’re initially rejected.  I received a few rejections before I was ultimately offered my internship.  It’s a lot like querying— you just need one ‘yes’ to make it happen.  Good luck!

If you have any other internship suggestions or know of any available openings feel free to add them in the comments.  And if you have any industry related posts you would like to see in the future, let me know!

Literary Agency Internships

Carol Mann Agency (Summer, Fall, and Spring Internship Program)
Corvisiero Literary Agency (Internship Program)
Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency (Summer, Fall, and Spring Internship Program)
Jenny Bent (The Bent Agency- Romance Intern)
FinePrint Literary Management (Internship Program- several agents)
Folio Literary Management (Internship Program- several agents)
Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency (Internship Program)
Levine Greenberg Literary Agency (Internship Program)
Linda Epstein (Intern- The Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency- posting is old but according to Ms. Epstein’s Twitter, requirements & info apply for current opening)
Liza Dawson Associates (Internship Program)
Taryn Fagerness Agency (Intern September 2013)
WM Clark Associates (Summer, Fall, and Spring Internship Program)

Publisher Internships

Bloomsbury (Several Internships)
Candlewick Press (Fall, Spring, and Summer Internship Program)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux (Fall, Spring, and Summer Internship Program)
Harper Collins (Internship Program)
Penguin (Internship Program)
Simon & Schuster (Fall, Spring, and Summer Internship Program)
Sourcebooks (Several Internships)

Chanel Cleeton is an avid reader and hopeless romantic.  She’s currently living a yearlong adventure in South Korea.  Chanel writes Young Adult and New Adult and is represented by Kevan Lyon of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.  You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook or on her own website.


  1. Great List! Thanks for the post :)

  2. I'm gathering stories of awesome internships for CNN iReport. Given the recent ruling on “Black Swan,” we're hoping to assemble iReports that spotlight awesome internships (ones that treat students fairly and give good experience or amazing mentorship).

    We’d love to find personal stories from some students who have interned in the past – but we’re having a bit of a problem tracking down interns willing to dish about their incredible experiences. I was hoping to ask someone at your org for suggestions on good places or people to contact? We’d also love to use him/her as a source in the eventual story.

    Thanks for the help! Julia Carpenter

  3. Hi Julia,

    Thanks for commenting! I would suggest putting a call out on Twitter and using a hashtag like #intern. I would be happy to retweet and pass on. Some literary internships don't allow the intern to disclose the name of the agency they interned for (since we read submissions) so some may not be able to share their specific experiences but I'm sure many would be happy to speak generally about it and other agencies may be perfectly happy with their interns using the agency's name. I am a huge fan of internships (having done several myself) and am happy to help in any way I can. I would be happy to participate as well and to get the word out abut your exciting iReport. I have quite a few friends that have done internships in other fields (politics, etc.) and I'm sure they would love to share their experiences. I can be reached at


    Chanel Cleeton

    1. How do you find out which literary agencies are offering remote internships.

  4. Do you have any tips on getting remote internships?

  5. I would like to second the question above (Marissa Frosch). I am currently in law school and a remote internship would be ideal.