Tuesday, June 18, 2013

YA Movies & More: Good Book/Bad Movie

What happens when your favorite book gets turned into a movie, but when you see the movie it’s nothing the way you imagined in your head?

Do you like the story any less because someone else has imagined it differently than you? Do you stop telling people it’s your favorite book? Do you wallow in despair because the novel you love so much has been ruined? My guess, mostly no.

Movie makers would be hard pressed to produce a film that met everyone’s expectations of how the story should play out. In fact, it would be impossible since we all envision the characters, the setting and the individual scenes differently. So film producers (hopefully) do their best to portray a book’s story in as much detail as they can in a short amount of time. Some are better than others, obviously. Even within a series, some of the movies are better at telling the story than others (which largely has to do with the direction and screenplay writing).

In some cases, I’m hesitant to go see the movie adaptation of a book I loved. I’m afraid that seeing the movie will ruin my enjoyment of the story and I’ll be stolen of that joy or jilted in some way. This has recently happened to me with two movies, THE HOST and SAFE HAVEN. I liked both books, but something about the previews or reviews I’ve heard has made me wary in wanting to see the films.

On the flip side, there have been some movies that I’ve seen before reading the book, that have made me want to rush right out and devour everything the author has written. In this case, the characters I picture are the actors in the movie and even though I know what happens, I’m still surprised at how the author weaves the story differently—and usually with more detail—than the movie. Because I loved the movie so much, I want the opportunity to be inside the character’s head rather than just watching them on a screen. Also, when reading, you tend to be more emotionally invested in the story, so if a movie can make you want to read the book, then the film producers have done a pretty good job at telling the story.

For example, I saw the TWILIGHT movie first before I read the book, the next day I went out and bought the entire series and THE HOST. This also happened with BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. I loved the movie and the series is now (close to the top) on my to-be-read list. With HUNGER GAMES though, I saw the movie, but I’m still not interested in reading the books. (This is solely my opinion, feel free to disagree.)

So what are your thoughts? Are there any books you absolutely loved the movie adaptation of? Or have you been disappointed by what you’ve seen at the theatre?

In a final note, if you loved the VAMPIRE ACADEMY books by Richelle Mead, The Weinstein Company, the VA movie's U.S. distributor, is running a contest through June 26th, to give a lucky American winner a chance to go to London, see the movie being filmed, meet the cast, and more! You can go here to enter the contest and read the official rules. Good Luck!

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  1. Anymore, I usually don't care about the movie adaptation and how it differs from the book. I do think that HBO is doing a good job though in the adaptation of Martin's works for "Game of Thrones."